Saturday, November 01, 2008


Don't worry. There are no rules. Sure there will always be someone better, but rest assured also someone much, much worse.
The important first thing, is to make a difference for yourself.

I've blogged before about people who give up because they think they don't have enough talent. My soul lifts a little when I see someone sing horrifically at karaoke; not because he or she sang poorly, but because regardless, they got up and sang - their joy in the song is the important thing to behold.

Sure - it's hard to find your stride, but like a baby's first steps turn into a wobbly run, so too should we expect a rocky road to our success. And how, after all this, do we measure our progress? Simple: from where we started.

California - You have a great insight, and even better taste in the blogs you visit. :)
I hope you start writing online soon, and send me a link.


Jacie said...

I agree with you totally - daring to try is the brave and beautiful thing and as I read the other day 'in order to do something well you must first be prepared to do it badly - sometimes really badly'. As for boredom on a Friday/Saturday night - I will also be home alone tonight and wondering why. My son's at his dad's and the guy who has my heart has apparently forgotten he has it! We should start a club for the disenchanted....oh I guess we kind of already have!

Mark J said...

Never disenchanted Jacie, perhaps instead eternal optimists?

What do you think?

Jacie said...

absolutely! I am in fact eternally enchanted by most things...

Anonymous said...

On this I have to say it is not me to be consistent. Also, while not shy, I'm not social in the way of a blog. I do have an idea I am considering and will link you when it becomes more than an idea.
Meanwhile, you and yours are a joy.

k or ca