Sunday, November 30, 2008

Observations from the Edge #1

Happy smiles shouldn't be about clean, straight, white teeth.

...but they are.....

.. that and bra's - obviously !


This post came from the many advertising images hanging in our shops this Christmas.

Everywhere you look, there seem to be beautiful people with nice white teeth, looking extremely happy with their purchases. I wonder if in real life, if the owners of the type of bra above would burst into smile and joy upon putting it on - if so, I should point out that in my local shopping mall there is a huge poster of a girl in a bra looking positively orgasmic - can I suggest that one instead?

These images could be the reason so many of my (girl) friends confide in me that their husbands like to try of their bra's.

Never tried it myself tho....


Di Mackey said...

Gert wouldn't try on my bra...

Cross-dressing is only okay for women and then it's actually known as 'looking cute' as opposed to 'being kinky'.

Of all the double-standards in the world, I think that one is my favourite.

Mark J said...

I have to agree with you Di. Strangly there is nothing more sexy than a woman in a suit - a man in a bikini, much much less so :)

Deadlyjelly said...

Are you SERIOUS?! Your girlfriends' husbands like to try on their bras?

Husband would like to categorically state for the permanent record that he does not try on my bras or any other undergarments, although sometimes he wears my knickers on his head.

He is also not averse to wearing raincoats and fleeces that are not necessarily of his possession

Mark J said...

Me thinks thou doust protest too much Jelly.
I'm sure hunka hubby is very secure in his own sexuality. :-)