Friday, October 31, 2008


I'd like to think the delay between posts lately is more a case of quality over quantity, however the truth is a little closer to me having nothing important to say.

I wonder if I'm becoming a little [read a lot] boring, and perhaps instead, a little too eccentric. My works "do" is tomorrow, and I'm not attending. I really hate playing the "networking" game - frankly along with all the other bullshit reasons for not going, I live in fear of boring my workmates to death. I don't know about you but I'd imagine someone is infinitely more interesting, before finding out in fact they're not.

There is a definite sliding scale to boredom. My mum would probably argue that my Dad is the litmus test; thankfully thus far I am not surgically attached to the couch watching golf on Sky TV day after day being cursed at.

I count my mercies where I can. :)

All this aside, I often hear that my male friends are also boring. Their wives tell me these sorts of things all the time; true, often when I'm out and about doing stuff with them.

According to the girls - "he" (never the boys name - always "he") never takes them anywhere, buys them anything, or says anything interesting any longer . I always wanted to ask if they ever did (take/buy/say) - and if "he" hadn't changed so much as their expectations of him.

Then - just as I'm starting to think I might be higher on the sliding scale than I first thought, I realize the horrible truth: I actually belong to another subset of humanity all together. Singledom.

So, I have no kids to tie me down, I have no mortgage to hold me back, and I have no partner to disappoint - yet here I sit, at home in front of my iMac, postulating the meaning of boredom on a Friday, while it turns out it was here with me all along.

Boredom and Irony; laughing with me - right?


Anonymous said...

Go to the "do" if only to people-watch. You needn't be the entertainment. You never know when/where you will meet "her".


P.S. Yes, I am officially stalking you and Niamh and Di. You are all three wonderfully talented. I'm quite smitten with you since you complimented my writing, but it doesn't do you any good since I'm an unattractive, married, mother of three and live a little northeast across an ocean.

Mark J said...

I'm taking you to task - in my next post.

You should be writing more than insightful comments California. :)

Jule's Short Story said...

That post is truely sad. Fancy being at home on a Friday night when you are so very foot loose and fancy free. Mmmm OK so here I am at home on a Saturday night, feel free to judge.

Yes, go to the work do. Free booze and people watching, should be fun.

Mark J said...

Yeah Jule's - I've gotta work on that :)

Anonymous said...

- Mark,I have often perceived that what is seen as boring to one is restful to another. If we are to behave in such a way as to please others at the cost of pleasing ones self then you are probably going to miss out on many of our most enjoyable moments on our own.

Mark J said...

You are so obviously right here. My weeks are pretty stressful, and I have to admit I love nothing more than relaxing on the couch on a Friday evening. Thanks for reminding me :)

Di Mackey said...

Nobody's boring, darling ... everyone, (or almost everyone, except for that terrible man on the train from Brussels that time)has possibilities, just waiting to be unwrapped, opened :)

Well at least, that's how I see the world. Free wine ... ummmm Mark?