Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mixed Dates

I don't often talk about dates in this forum. Those who know me well could attest to my over zealous privacy when it comes to others in my life. I'm *very* old fashioned when it comes to this sort of thing - I don't even talk to my closest friends about my love life - in my mind there are only two people who should know - if you know what I mean.

Last night however didn't really count, because it wasn't that kind of date.

I picked her up at seven, previously explaining the plan was to go to my place, and grab a couple of takeout pizza's, watching some DVD's at home.
I should have known when she stepped into the car: she was dressed "to the nines", even wearing high healed shoes.

On the way to my place she asked what we were having for dinner - I explained we would go home, call up a pizza and relax on the couch to watch a DVD or two with a nice bottle of wine. "I don't like those sort of pizza's", she said, perturbed. I asked her what sort of pizza she liked, she responded "Authentic Pizza, From a real Italian Pizza place".

Right there and then I wanted to turn the car around, and take her home. Instead I mentally counted to ten. We went to a proper Italian restaurant, before heading home to watch a movie.

In the end, the evening went OK, even though it's fair to say alarm bells went off all night. Complaints over the wine glasses at the restaurant, coupled with issues with the manager over a mistake in the wine order didn't make for a relaxing evening. Fawning over my Television, asking if it was the latest model was the last straw.

She may be a stunning girl, but she can be stunning for someone else. The girl I love will have an inner light that touches everyone she passes - she'll be stunning in more ways than one - she wont give a care for the size of my television set, and will love the wine, and not the glass in comes in.

Part of knowing what you want, is knowing what you don't, I'm thinking.


Deadlyjelly said...

You're being very harsh - she sounds delightfully feisty

Mark J said...

Harshness aside - fiesty YES delightful NO :)

Mark J said...

OK - I may have been a little harsh. I might have painted her in a certain light for a tad of dramatic effect - regardless, as nice as she is, she isnt for me.

Deadlyjelly said...

She was totally justified if the wineglasses were greasy with jagged chips and lipstick stains on the rims and cracks across the base. Otherwise she could probably do with a slap

Jacie said...

oh I so agree with you - knowing what you don't want is often more important than knowing what you do. I'm not suggesting being over critical but always, always listen to those 'oh-oh' moments and NEVER make excuses for them because if it feels wrong now it'll feel 100 times more wrong further down the line

Mark J said...

Wasnt so much a dirty glass - more the type of glass, specifically the rim size not being optimal for red wine "breathing".
Will keep the slap in mind tho :)

Nice to see I'm not alone in those oh-oh moments. I think you really have to listen to your gut - it does keep you out of trouble in the long run :)

ig said...

I guess you didn't get to second base then? You do seem to atract the "high maintenance" types. It is probably safer to have parted now than having to explain the whole Starbuck thing you have going on. Sorry about the low quality of my piss take, I've had a hell of a day a two Makers Marks (a very nice Bourbon). Make sure you call Sharz before she pops over to Sydney...Cheers IG

Mark J said...

Googled "second base". Didn't know girls let you do that.
Will try harder next time - obviously :)

Jule's Short Story said...

Speaking of 80s songs, as you do, this would make a great one. You have the lyrics, just need the music.
Yes, knowing what you don't want can make it clear what you do want. In the words of Paulo Coehlo from Brida: "You will know when you meet your soul mate by the light in their eyes"

Mark J said...

I so agree with you. It's always in the eyes !

Di Mackey said...

Come. To. Europe!
Hurry up.