Monday, October 13, 2008

The Kill

Apologies for the ongoing musical motif - It's been a bit of a long grind lately with some long hours at work. It's frustrating when the words only seem to come when I'm tucked up warm in bed, and not when I'm in front of my iMac.

I have an idea for a post I'm working on, but it's not really taking shape. Perhaps after tonight I can make some headway on it.

I have been listening to the following song of late. I only mention this because 1000km away the other day I found IG listening to it too - which is odd given its low airplay, and the fact I don't listen to commercial radio at all.

I'd like to say I was this bitter, but truth be told, although I can identify with the tone, right now this isn't exactly me. Enjoy...

I tried to be someone else
But nothing seemed to change
I know now, this is who I really am inside.
Finally found myself
Fighting for a chance.
I know now, this is who I really am.

1 comment:

Di Mackey said...

Loved this song, played it a gazillion times yesterday, forgot to blog it ... mind going but new laptop arrived. Yay!

Hey, talked to Niamh today and said her name right ... I was a little worried you were setting me up for a ginormous fall ;)

Looking forward to the party in Auckland, when I finally get there.