Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Feb 14 2007

Is it weird that I still have the card that came to my work with those flowers, years ago?
Is it strange the recollection of many different romantic moments are so strong, that the memories themselves are as vivid as the day they were born?
Should I have said yes to moving forward, instead of being comfortable in a moment?
So many paths to take, so many decisions, all leading to this moment in time. Buggery Bollocks!

Anyway, I heard somewhere the only second chance we get is to make the same mistake twice. The film State and Main, if memory serves...

Fonmeister put down her latte, and leaned toward me, as if to impart some important piece of knowledge. "Mark", she said, "If you're gonna go swimming - you're gonna have to get wet". I immediately grabbed a "placid face" from my expression storage area, while thinking of a witty reply - it never came. [Note to self : This one's a smart one. Beware!]
Later that morning, while shopping for DVD's, she recommended Proof to me. On the blurb was the quote "The biggest risk in life is not taking one".
Even DVD's are fucking with me now. :)

Anyhow - I remembered this clip, and I'm beginning to think that Overkill could be my song. Well at least to this point in my life.
Perhaps 14 Feb 2008 will find me in a different space - I look forward to finding out.

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