Monday, March 13, 2006

Something is wrong here

It's ridiculous - at what age these days must people take responsibility for their actions?

When do we know right from wrong?

Definitely not at 1 or 2, or maybe even at 3 years old. But I would hope that at the age of 12 you should have an idea that aiding in tormenting a schoolmate is wrong. But to try and play down your responsibility in the girls resulting suicide, is morally repugnant.

In my opinion, to tell the Herald on Sunday they weren't "the only ones" responsible for the girls death, just adds insult to the injury of losing a loved one in such a manner. I hope they wern't paid for their interview.

While I believe that over time the feeling of guilt may fade for these girls, I can only hope they use this horrible incident to shape the future of their lives; to rid their soul of the nastiness that may harbour there, and not chat about it to a Sunday paper like it was yesterdays news.

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Rant man said...

As a father... Oh God!! I've become one of those pinko poofo lesbo lefty wankers that start sentences with "As a father..."

Anyway, as a father, I realise that the concept of right and wrong seldom motivates a childs behavior. Such constructs as morality and consequence are very malleable even in children at the relatively mature age of twelve. I'm not excusing the behavior but it is unrealistic to expect a child who is barely even self aware to recognise the wider ramifications of such an event. In fact, I might even go so far as to say that it is you who is out of step with society - In a good way. These days something is only wrong or bad if you get caught or if someone can legally restrict your actions. Morals and manners have become quaint artifacts from a bygone era. My grandchildren will probably laugh at me for saying please and thank you the same way I might laugh if someone bowed or curtseyed today.

It's a brave new world! At least she didn’t kill the pizza boy! Only in Auckland...