Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Haiku Tuesday

Lord of the icecream haiku

My ice cream is cold
A promise I made today
Will haunt me tonight

Findsomeone Haiku Part1

A message in my in box
Surprised, no one more than me
Stuff this up i will

Findsomeone Haiku Part 2

Bellybutton fluff
Conversation starter hell
Not Brad Pitt, am I

Haiku is such fun
five syllables to start it
Five, seven then five.

Give it a go!


i wish i was tyler said...

I am not so well


hope it can't kill me

Mark J said...

Topical ciprofloxacin could help :)


Good haiku, and an interesting condition to boot. Well done!

Tyler Knows Best said...

So sad our resort
Hopeless empty haiku tort
Void indeed of thought