Friday, March 10, 2006

Friday Blogger - The Census according to IG

As I filled out my census form, I discovered I live in a 2 storey 7 roomed dwelling with my wife and parrot. I walk to work and we don't speak Maori at home, we have 1 car we don't use and we burn stuff to heat the place, I also discovered I was someplace else last census and probably should have tried harder at school. I find it hard to believe that any of this information could be useful to anyone other than me, but as they said we are going to grow so we need to know.
I really think they missed out a lot of more relevant questions they could have included;
How long did you spend in traffic this week?
How much did you spend on alcohol or smokes this week?
What did you steal from your work this week?
How many people do you know who are on a benefit who shouldn't be?

These questions seem to be more relevant, but they are not politically correct.
I feel the census is a load of bollocks but it's not Kiwi to question why are we're answering these silly questions. I look forward to the results of how they interpreted this data, as I am sure it will have a real effect on the next 5 years of my life until the next census.
As you may have detected I am not the biggest fan of the census but we have to get on with it as they said "we are going to grow so we need to know"


Ex Telecom workmates said...

You're full of piss and wind!

Crap census jokes are us said...

It would seem that the gathering of data for the purpose of responsible governing enrages IG's census...

...ahhhhh hahahahahahahahaha

Mr. Whiney said...

I feel compelled to comment on IG's post... it's not that it's particularly interesting or insightful in any way... rather, as his friend, I am honour bound to fain an interest so as to lend my support and show approval for his efforts. This I do unwillingly as I feel that Mark, as his oldest (nearly 40) friend and proprietor of this blog, should be responsible for massaging the egos of the guest bloggers.

Also, a question for IG: Who filled in the form for the parrot?