Friday, March 17, 2006

Fingers crossed please

This weekend I'm off to fly my "Chopper" for the first time.

Hopefully afterwards, it will look the same - but just in case I thought I better take a photo !


just gay enough said...

I can't help but notice that your living room is a bit bloke-like, I mean, X-BOX, big tv, big audio, helecopter. I think in your quest to bag a hottie you will need to add some sensitive, slightly less bloke-like features, maybe a nice throw rug or a sensitive chick friendly poster and of course the most powerful weapon we have...scented candles. I also strongly recomend watching a few episodes of Oprah as she knows a thing or two about "chick stuff". Good luck and good hunting

Mark J said...


Scented candles? Rose petals sprinkled from the front door to the bedroom - sounds a bit stalky to me. Nope: A helicopter in the lounge should do a great job of keeping me single without the other items you mentioned :)