Thursday, March 09, 2006

Rude People Part1 - People in Cars

God: people are so damn rude these days.
In a "so called" developed society, I can't believe how rude people can be.
Today I was almost run over the center-line into oncoming traffic by a fuckwit in a truck carrying a shipping container, who thought it might be a good idea to run up the non existant left lane, inside me. I actually had to slam on the brakes because he obviously operated on three distinctly different theories;

1) That his truck was way bigger than my car
2) He had his front wheel in front of mine (an old car racing rule)
3) That he was a fuckwit.

Actually, although the first two items were also correct, the fuckwit notion obviously took a precedent.

People can be very rude in car's. Personally I wish I had the power of telekinesis. That way when a complete tosser speeds down another lane, ripping past a long stream of traffic only to pull back in front at the front of the slow queue, I could mentally blow up their car's engine!

Is it wrong to want to physically pull that person out of their car and ask them why they feel themselves so important by putting themselves ahead of everyone else, whilst at the same time punching them repeatedly in the face? I suspect it not to be a good move - however there should be laws to deal with the bad behavior in the first place, and perhaps a pat on the back for those administering a little attitude correction.

I have come up with a list of instant fines, in lieu of an impromptu roadside facial renovation for the follow pet peeves.....
Intentionally merging into the front lane of slow traffic, after pulling out to pass all the other cars in that lane.
Intentionally pulling out of their lane into a merging lane to get ahead about 10 cars before contributing to the traffic bottleneck the were avoiding in the first place.
Stopping in the middle of the road lane to let their kids out.
Rubberneckers - who cant help but slow to 10 kph to watch someone on the side of the motorway change a tyre.
People who do 80 kph on the motorway - when the speed limit is 100.
People who constantly change lanes, without realising they aren't actually moving ahead of everyone around them.

Actually forget the fines - just sent in the "heavies". We could even televise it. Just imagine - film the infraction, them film the retribution. It would be gripping stuff. A great ratings buzz. Especially if the punishment could ironically fitted the crime. I think I'm on to something.......

I better call my agent.....

In the meantime here is an abridged email from Tumorboy on issue with accidents on his street. More car rudeness I tell you - the only rudeness allowed in cars my friends, should be the back seat variety only!

As a resident of Rawhiti Rd I would like to let you know what I think [of the recent car accidents]
The intersection itself is perfectly safe, but the behaviour of a majority of road users travelling through it is dangerous. I have observed this intersection and have to say it is rare to see cars stop at the Stop Signs.

The reason for this behaviour can often be attributed to a phenomina which I will refer to as UMSS (Urban Motorist Shortcut Syndrome). I will explain... Motorists in an attempt to reach their destinations (eg home, work, bakery, Lotto Shop) will shortcut through urban sidestreets, to avoid major intersections. On taking these shortcuts the UMSS sufferer is overcome by the need to ensure his shortcut is indeed a shortcut!
The nature of a shortcut being that the motorist must arrive at his destination earlier by taking the shortcut means he is compelled to travel faster and if possible not stop.
So he speeds and ignores Stop Signs as he travels through these quiet safe streets; hence the large number of crashes and near misses at this and other intersections in our neighbourhood.
This raises the question, when is a shortcut not a shortcut? Answer - When you need to speed to justify it!

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try retail said...

Seriously dude! You have no idea how rude, not to mention self absorbed, unreasonable, fucking stupid and mentally deranged people are!