Thursday, March 23, 2006

Balance would be good.

Back pain has stolen my otherwise sunny disposition. Things are on the improve tho. The constant ache from my back may have biased my blog but not as much as the real world can offer in return.

So much in the news these days seems unbalanced - I'm not talking reporting bias in the media (this time), but a skewing of certain things that, to me, just dont make sence.

First is the awarding of 25,000 to a convicted paedophile who's rights were violated by Police, because they told the community where he settled that he was there (living next to a kindergarten). Now this guy has offended on numerous other occassions, and even if you dont buy into that arguement, the state hasn't paid any of his (very young) victims any money at all. It's just not right.

The second thing is the recent spending of taxpayers money by Labour during the recent election campaign. Now I dont care which party spent tax payers money - but if I spent $400,000 of it and the Police said I was wrong, chances are I would be arrested, or at least have to pay the money back: but to both counts. Dont even talk to me about David Benson Pope. Guilty as charged say Police - but wait - no charges. David Fararr has various articles about this on his blog ; including this article.

Finally the story of three Police Officers on trial for the rape of a woman.
If they did it - they deserve to be punished. I just think the charge for laying a false claim of rape should be the same if the reverse is proven true.

On the good news front the IRD is now allowed to "let people off" with honest mistakes - about time I say!! Well done.

Finally Have a look at the Uncyclopedia - a great piss take on Wikipedia ( the online encyclopedia) . Some classic entries to be found on New Zealand for example.

Enjoy, and have a great day today :)


woman wandering said...

Loved the Uncyclopedia ... !

Sorry to read of your back. :(

woman wandering said...

Do you ever wonder how a dyslexic person would go with those word verification thingies? I've been curious in light of the increasingly long word scrambles we're having to do.