Saturday, March 25, 2006

Hopes dashed

So - I was reading Dooce today, thinking what an amazing writer she was, and by extrapo-thinking, how crap my scribblings were in comparison.

Why are her posts so grown up, yet mine strangely immature and unimportant?
Then it struck me - my posts are not really about me, but small portions of me.
The trouble is a lot of people who know me read this, and I now find myself asking "Is this a limiting factor in my blog"?

Was talking to Tumorboy tonight - and again he gave me a few idea's of things to blog about. I often wonder if our conversations aren't something out of a stoner movie, when the next day, straight again, you reach for the pad where you wrote down some imazing ideas to share with the world, only to find "What if cat was spelt D... O... G "

Still- while things are still clear in my mind I must simply state Tumorboy's new idea for a "Survivor" type TV show. He calls it Survivor Kitchen cubboards.

In this latest reality television spectacular, families would be locked in their homes, having to survive on what they had in their cupboards. The last ones out win. Imagine what shocking things could happen if ;
The TV stopped working AND
The phone was disconnected....
Imagine the challenges, families playing board games, reading books, communicating: what horror!!! I can't wait!

In that ilk I was wondering what other "Fractured" Television shows we could invent. The mind boggles.

A reality TV show that follows a bunch of burglars 24/7 - and how they never get caught - because the Police have more pressing things to do.
A story about an incompetent Doctor who finds new and exciting ways of killing his patients, whilst getting off scot free - a type of Anti-"House" if you will.
An edited drama made up from the video documentation of real lives of our parliamentarians - juicy stuff indeed. Scandal, Power and the Passion.
Or even better, a composite show - where a team of highly specialized burglars break into to parliamentarians homes - cleaning them out. Or having their cars stolen, or having then wait for hours in an A&E.....the list could be as long as the common man's suffering. See Helen Clark suffer as she sleeps outside "Real Groovy Records" overnight to get a NZ ballet ticket - only to find the scalpers have cleaned them out and have them on trademe already.

(Sigh) ....and I had such high hopes for this post...

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