Thursday, March 05, 2009

Destined to be cold

When once asked for his description of hot, Robert Downey Jr. stated "Destined to be Cold".

One could dwell on the rise and fall of Creed.
One could discuss the train wreck that was Scott Stapp; the destruction and recreation of a career built on the sands of cynical complacency, shifting to the tune of the next big thing....

Or, you could be a better person and just listen to the song in the context of its place and time, and without prejudice, simply enjoy it for what it was: Four minutes and forty seconds of history. [1]

I think that's a great way to look back at the past; plus I always likened the bridge to what falling in love must be like - but I'm not talking about with whom.

[1] OK, maybe I can't back that up

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