Saturday, February 28, 2009

In the company of men

There is no understating the company of men. We men are complex islands in a rough sea of misinformation. Misunderstood, and relegated to mere simpletons by those who don't understand the complicated undertow of emotions; it's not easy being us, yet we endure.

Yes, we make mistakes; some bigger than others to be sure. Yet in the company of men we rise to the top; we become all we truly need to be; ourselves.

We drink, we smoke. We spill beer on the carpet and play our inappropriate music too loud: but in the "man cave" it doesn't matter. This is the domain of men - and here we can do no wrong.

Clay chips fly with time and conversation over the sea of green. Odds weave and bob with the tall stories between the swells of laughter. Among the sounds of bluffs and bids, we stake our claims and make our plays; if only across a jade felt table.

And for this short time we truly are Ibiza...


Deadlyjelly said...

Wow, I had no idea being Men was that challenging. You poor dears. I particularly admired your desription of 'complex islands in a rough sea of misinformation' :-D

Mark J said...

Hmmm - perhaps overly romantic yes, but we are often underrated and trivialized. Thank God we have our gruff exteriors and serial shaggy dog stories to keep things in check :)