Monday, February 23, 2009

Where's Wall-E?

Predicted Future

The here and now

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This has motivated me to start running once again.......


Midgard Dragon said...

What's funny is you're insulting the makers of the great film WALL-E (not to mention everyone's intelligence) by posting this, as he is on record as saying it's not about fat people, and they were only chubby due to the bone loss from microgravity (a condition they actually researched).

Mark J said...

Perhaps you've missed my point here.
While microgravity is indeed a major issue for modern science to overcome, it has been proven that regular exercise can significantly reduce the effect of microgravity on muscle mass and bone density. While Wall.E remained behind on Earth working himself to the bone, those who chose to leave their planet (and problems) behind them, eventually fell prey to the dulcet tones of the deck chair to their detriment. That's a serious message for most of the western world and our rampant consumerism.
But I digress; Wall.E is indeed an excellent film (especially on BluRay). It points at a lot of our failings in a light hearted simplistic manner, but the message is a serious one indeed. The juxtaposition between the photos in my post merely supports one of the many messages of the film, albeit in a more blatant way.

I might post on this in more detail now.... :)