Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Not quite an intervention

IG always jokes about me packing up everything I've borrowed over the years, sending it back to him, keeping things nice and tidy, before I prematurely shuffle off this mortal coil. At last reckoning all I have of Ian's is a Staind and Season 2 Office DVD. I'd imagine he'd fair shit himself if I ever got around to returning them - all because he'd have no barometer with which to measure my mental pressure.

So when my cellphone rang with his number I expected much of what transpired.

[paraphrasing - but not by much]

"So, you'll pack up and send all those things of mine before you top yourself, wont you ?", he asked.

Note: Guys are sensitive creatures, and apt to tiptoe around the subtleties.

I explained that all was well, and that he wouldn't be receiving any unexpected packages in the mail. I continued to reassure him that although things were indeed strained at the moment, they were being dealt with and that hopefully some resemblance of normal would resume - probably after April 2009.

Undeterred he continued to press on the availabilities of other objects d'art that might come to light due a potential immediate demise on my part.

"So, remind me again, do I get your Capri, or does Matt?"
"What about the DVD Collection?" he pressed...

It'd times like this I'm once again reminded how dear my friends are to me, and what lengths they will go to to hold on to something I once owned.

Well that's how I'll be choosing to see it anyway.....

At times the negotiations would move outside, and much progress would be made in a more conducive atmosphere. This security cam picture shows a post coital beer and cigarette after the critical Capri landmark decision of 2008 was finally agreed to. *

* The car is to be crushed then set on fire - not set on fire then crushed as initially proposed.

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