Friday, March 27, 2009

A rushed trip home.

Grief is the universal leveler - eventually it will visit us all.

I'm continually amazed at the different ways we deal with this emotion; some bear it stoically, others give in to the moment and wear it on their sleeves for all to see; most, somewhere in between.
There is no right way - no wrong way; it's an individuals choice, or perhaps lack thereof that pushes us in the direction we must go.

Surrounded by those who care, people reacted as they always do; a universal truth.
I cant help but wonder how confusing the service may have been for the rather mature five year old, who sat next to her mum and dad, as we said farewell to a good man. She was starting out on her own path, learning the greatest lesson of all - that all this too will come to pass, and that many good people, like Bob Gilles, will be taken from us far too soon.

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