Sunday, March 29, 2009

Angels with dirty halo's

So; I watched the final tonight - and I have to admit I wanted some closure.

The Sackhoff/Bamber arc held some special significance for me, so after all this time I just wanted a happy ending for these two. Turns out writer/developer Ron Moore had other ideas.

Regardless of what life throws at you, two people should be able to overcome anything to be with each other; well, at least in the "movies".

Hey - It's not like I always want the happy ending, and ....

I guess I shouldnt really gripe when some show on TV dares to follow the conventions of normal life to negate the ending we desire, denying us the one time and place when such an outcome might actually be possible.

Yeah - I know - I'm working on making it real, but deep down I still wanna be surprised by this mixture of faith, experience and substance - this "Life Pie".

Yet, the taste is still a little bitter for this "saps'" palette I'm guessing.

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