Monday, January 05, 2009

What I really meant to say was ....

California's comments the other day, were oddly timed.

A couple of days ago I got a text from a friend asking if my post was directly related to her - in this case her concerns were unfounded, but I was still perturbed that something I wrote could have potentially upset someone I know personally.

The problem with writing about your life, is that eventually you run the risk of upsetting someone. This blog was initially a way of venting my frustration, keeping in touch with friends, and trying to learn how to write - now I wish I'd never told anyone about it.


Because, my friends, it limits what I write, and perhaps more importantly HOW I write.
There are things that I would love to share in the comfort of not only my anonymity, but the subjects as well. Given the current state of this blog it would be moot, and more than a little crass to do anything else. Simply put: I'm not wired that way.

All this is leading nowhere fast - but I just wanted to say how much I admire those who courageously open themselves to the blogsphere, and share more intimately than I would ever dare.
They are the true pioneers, and history will learn more from their writing (and their lives) than from anything I scribble here.

Yep, you heard it here last, but regardless; Jay simply rocks.


Jule's Short Story said...

Funny this is how I felt initially. The audience certainly can limit the way you write. I have realised that my friends enjoy reading my scribbles and that it's the perfect way to keep in touch. Perfect especially when traveling.

There are people with whom I have not shared my blog. I don't write about them but I also don't want them to know me in this way, the reason I have only just linked to my Facebook.

I enjoy what you write, check your blog most days as I go through my list, so keep on keeping on.

PS I feel the same way about leaving comments, it's taking a risk.

Jacie said...

oh I do know what you mean - I'd wanted to write about a meeting I'd had with someone I hadn't seen in 20 odd years, who I used to be madly in love with but who it transpired had never thought of me as anything but a friend, but because I'd told him about my blog and he oten reads it now I felt I couldn't relate the very 'interesting' encounter that we'd had!