Friday, January 23, 2009


I keep forgetting;
How bad music videos were in the 80's
How great the bass track is for this song
How ridiculous dating was when I was younger
How pathetic it still is now
How complex mainstream music was once
How bad most mainstream music is today
How i felt when it never worked out
How i ended up making the same mistake more than once.

How ironic that this song reminds me of so many of the above.

One thing I'll always wonder though - How do men with beards EVER get laid?
It cant be personality - right?

1 comment:

Mark J said...

Well - that video didn't last for long....

These companies removing their "intellectual property" from You-tube are succeeding in destroying their own futures. Who knows how many people, given the opportunity to watch a video clip from the 80's might go out in a fit of extreme nostalgia and buy the bloody album?

Not now - for sure (sigh)