Saturday, January 31, 2009

Swimming Pool Therapy

I stood at the edge looking down.
After a moment I knelt.
I reached in; the water warm and clear.
I hung over the edge; arm up to my elbow, I stirred the warm waters.
As the chlorine quietly rose from the surface, the memories of what seemed like a hundred summers past soared upward, destroying the funk, that to that point, had ruined my day.


Deadlyjelly said...

Love this piece of writing, MrJ

Anonymous said...


Mark J said...

A good mmhmmm, or a not so good mmhmmm?


Jacie said...

Love Rob Thomas.
The writing? Well it's excellent - I can feel the water up to my elbow. There's a book I'm reading called The Raw Shark Texts - where he describes putting his hand into a lake and then he suddenly says 'stop - the lake in my head is now the lake in your head'. Love that concept so much - who knows if the lake even exists and yet it's now real in my mind and in my memory ...... and the swimming pool in your head is now the swimming pool in my head...

Anonymous said...

when it starts with 'mm' its good. If it is alone, 'hmm', means not good or wierd. Also, just plain 'mmm' is good. Its the sound for yummy.


Anonymous said...

I love what jacie says too.