Sunday, January 18, 2009


I remember as clearly as if it was yesterday. I was driving a flat mate somewhere with Alanis's "You Learn" playing on my car's CD player.
When we got to where we were going, and I pulled to the curb and turned to say farewell, only to see two tracks of tears down her cheeks. Music can touch you, and take you places where others shouldn't intrude - I waited, but she never told me why, and I never asked.
I'm only saying this because I'm looking to be moved; not to those extremes mind you, just moved a little; to add a little colour in what has been thus far, a grey week indeed.

It's just that I live for the colour - it makes life worth living I guess. For better or for worse I believe we need to move though this life; to mix it up.

Some may blend vicariously, but I'd settle for a single drop of red and a little agitation to get the process underway - I've always been a bit of a slow starter.

Like today. Today I lay on the couch, and as the wind blew in and out, I dreamed as this music lifted me high on the summer breeze. No tracks of tears, but one small step for man-kind one hopes.

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