Saturday, September 20, 2008


Being ill affords one an interesting perspective.
Upon the restless lounge couch, the dreamer's dreams are a potential minefield of lost clues; clues that could point to the root cause of the malaise in a roundabout way.
Well maybe not, but still, an interesting prospect in the making.

Early in the evening, reflecting with a cup of strong tea, sweetened with one teaspoon too much sugar, the world seems much warmer and inviting, especially when one has seen too much of bed lately.

I sat in the sun this afternoon; spring is most certainly on the way here. So to is the promise of life; rebirth and recreation of things that lie dormant too long over the winter.

There is little time to be ill when such wonders are taking place - one hopes tomorrow will be a day that can be enjoyed more in harmony, than in discord.

[This post was written with the sountrack to Atonement playing in the background - which could account for much of the style of this entry - but not necessarily all]


Di Mackey said...

You didn't tell me you were sick!!

Is it because you were too sick to tell, or because you had noted me as a rotten absent friend?

I hope you're getting better fast, Meneer Mark :)

Mark J said...

I was running a wee bit of a temp. Wasnt really all there - well more so than normal - truth be told.

Feeling more like myself today - bit of a shame really; would much rather be someone else :)

You're not really a bad friend Di - If that were that case I'd fully give up on you watching Dead Like Me by now....

(couldn't help myself on that one - sorry)

Deadlyjelly said...

AW! If I had been there, I would have brought you grapes and chicken soup laced with Paracetamol.

So sorry we won't catch Spring in NZ - am missing the place already, although so far this vacation has flashed by ridiculously fast

Mark J said...

You say chicken soup - but I'd always be wary of some greeny type lentil arrangement instead.

Thanks for the sentiment - your grapes were missed.

Jule's Euro-Arabic Short Story said...

Sick, in spring. I do that to enjoy the sunshine :)

Spring, I think it's called that because we get a spring in our steps as our world warms up and new things begin.

I love the photo from Atonement. I went kicking and screaming, Kiera Knightly adverse, and was engrossed from the start. Didn't know it had a sound track so will check that out.