Monday, September 01, 2008

The Ted'ness of it all

There's a newness in the air.
Newness; is there such a word?
New manager.
New office, new job, new title.
New desk repels the ever potential terrorist threat with its strategic placement.
(the others simply wont know what hit them).
New locker - Number 1; suspiciously expectant of them - i giggle a little when no one listens.
New team, new workmates.
New walk to work; I leave the car and walk the last 15.
Minutes not miles - silly.
All this newness, yet still the same old me.
I hope they win.
I feel like losing this battle, maybe even the war.
Guerrilla in their midst.


Di Mackey said...


The Di Seal of Approval ;)

Mark J said...

The old me needed reassuring. It's reassuring that the new me, does also. :)

Deadlyjelly said...

I hope you giggle a little when people listen too :-)