Friday, February 10, 2006

It's all about context

After a week of toncilitis, swallowing is still something akin to eating very sharp glass. This coupled with a lot of night work, and corresponding lack of sleep, has curtailed my normal happy happy joy joy existance, and I have truely become surly boy!

Of course the following message on findsomeone didn't improve my mood either:
Hi friend! My name is Elena! My 25 years, my photo you can see on my structure. I to become interested in your structure and I wish to have in the future with you the correspondence!!! I wish to find out better, write to me on e-mail 2$5^& I wait for your letter!!!

So when a couple of days ago IG sent me an email contailing this link, I didnt expect too much, but instead found a real jewel. Even if you've got a dialup link I'd download this one. Kudo's IG. May your structure always be sturdy and strong like bull.


Shars said...

I'm gonna slap the wax outta your ears boy! Get down on the russian brides structure!!!! She's sooooo gaggin for it dude! You need to locate your dick, remove the shrink wrap and use it!!! And what about the big blonde chick I've been hearing about!

Tyler Knows Best said...

Dont listen to her mate... She's twisted! Ask her about the goggles!

Mark J said...

OK - I'll bite. What about the goggles?

And more importantly have you given IG a hard time for this purchase of "second hand cammo pants" on trademe?

Second hand pants! Thats one step removed from second hand underwear!

Tyler Knows Best said...

Please ignore prior comments on this and any other postings yesterday... very, very drunk last light!

Will make a concerted effort to shame IG for his indescessions!!

Hard to find short man's camo pants though... I mean, there's a height restriction in the army isnt there?

To IG: Kisses daaaaarling xxx