Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pavlov's Phone

This isn't exactly an unhappy post.
It's almost about a lack of control.
And pointing out that no matter how much we try
We can never get away
From one on thing we always take on holidays;

Something I've finally managed to do over the last two weeks, is to bump calls from work.
Yeah - I'll admit it, In the past I've been guilty of getting involved in some serious work shit while on leave: No longer. I have downloaded the upgrades - I am MarkJ v2.02beta1. [1]

One of the down sides to working for a major corporate, is that no one misses you when you're gone - because they simply assume you're still there: I am so not there today.

It didn't start out that easily.
Initially, incoming calls were afforded a Pavlovian wrenching avoidance. I will not answer. mail....

A few days later I would politely (immediately) bump the call - so as to perpetuate the myth that my phone was off whilst on leave. No hurt- no foul.

A mere two weeks later I have resorted to bumping after a couple of rings - to let "them" know they have well and truly been bumped; Do not pass GO - Do not collect $200. I'm on fucking leave. What do you not understand about that?

Obviously I could turn off my phone.

But that would be admitting to some sort of defeat. Plus my morbid fascination around who would call next/or attempt to call me AGAIN seemed to get the better of me as the week wore on. Come Monday I will again be forced to answer, but for the next few days I will have utter power of dominion - to bump or not to bump?

[cue maniacal laughter].

Except for you - I would never bump you.
If you don't believe me, just call.
If it rings twice before transferring to voice mall - I'm just fucking with you.
Honest :)

Just call me back.

I dare you :)

[1] results not typical


Di Mackey said...

Sometimes, you are so perfectly evil that you make me want to laugh hysterically except I would spill the red wine I am presently drinking.

After talking with you on skype, a big international corporation hired me for a photo shoot next Thursday.

Sweaty brow only if I think about it.

Jacie said...

have enjoyed reading your 'holiday' posts Mark - it's not quite as good as being there but close!