Friday, August 08, 2008

Easy silence

I've been taking a lot in lately. I've been listening to what others say, and as a result I've come to see how stunted my life has been of late. Rest assured - this isn't something people have actually been telling me. I've come to this conclusion through situational osmosis; it's so true you learn the most when you say nothing at all.

Unfortunately, if winning this "game" called life was a simple case of having a few select cool toy's I'd be up there in the running. Although I'm not interested in that race, there's always the worry that it's the only event I can enter into these days.

I'm on leave for two weeks now; I'm a little burnt out, and I'm using the opportunity to take the phone off the hook "big time". I really need to take this time to recharge.

I've been drawn to this song over the last few days. I'm beginning to really miss that easy silence - if you know what I mean.


harvey molloy said...

Enjoy the break. Keep well. And I, for one, don't find videos on blogs boring.

Di Mackey said...

Hello you. Things have been 'mental' here, to revert to childhood for the word that best describes my life.

I threw a glass at the wall two nights ago and created a turning point ;)

Unfortunately it was the last of my favourite ones. Dammit.

Ski well and breathe some good Qtown air for me.


Di Mackey said...

P.S: love the song.