Monday, August 04, 2008

Cycle of Madness

I stand in awe.

The mindset of the long distance cyclist.
Someone who thinks nothing of riding 40 kilometers
to visit a library on a rainy day.
Einstein said nothing gave him more faith in the future of the human race
than someone riding a bicycle.
But 40 kilometers in inclement weather ?
That mindset...
I mean ....It gives me pause.
Surely that sort of conviction
merits at least
a psych exam :)

But like I said, I stand in awe.


Niamh said...

It was only 28.27km, and the weather was more feisty than inclement. :-( Are you still standing in awe?!

Di Mackey said...

I was bewildered when I read that story ... do you think illegal substances were consumed over the weekend?

Okay, perhaps I was not on bewildered but also in awe, envious even.

I don't that I would have done it for the library, red wine or cheesecake from the store maybe :)

Mark J said...

11.73 kilometers less impressed - that was until I remembered the last 3 kilometers to your house - bloody near vertical.
Like I said, you rock!

Mark J said...

I'm with you Di - maybe for a nice red :)