Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Goats Rock

It seems bewildering sometimes.
How I hold on to the old truths like they were gospel.
Along with the rest, I often struggle with the ones like;
Good things come to those who wait, or
The meek will inherit the earth.

Obviously it's all a load of old tripe - AS IF leading a good patient life will reward you in some magical way; and it's not like the meek need reined in anyway.

I mean if all these sayings were true, only worthy people would win the lottery. So it turns out all these years, it turns out I'm simply unworthy. If I was just a little bit nicer - if I just learned that elusive lesson life is trying to teach me before paying out in style.

Sure, maybe it's just an odds game after all.
Do I really believe in luck, or is it her more cynical cousin probability? Perhaps winning is for people who simply buy more tickets or sacrifice chickens under a full moon [1] .

Face it; these truths were put on this planet to hold us like sheep surrounded by electric fences; get too close to the edges of your polite boundaries, and you'll pay with some metaphoric shock to the system.

Goats on the other hand, are always looking to escape - they don't think the grass is greener, they KNOW it is. They constantly test the electric fence; and if it's ever left off, they're gone.

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the sheep the electric fences are always on.

Or something like that.

[1] although more than two if last weeks results are anything to go by :)


Di Mackey said...

I love Jay too :)

Mark J said...

Wow - didn't think about Jay, but it totally fits. Jay rocks - I agree :)