Sunday, July 06, 2008

It's not about money.

After six years as a prisoner of Colombia's rebels, the former presidential candidate rushed on to the plane that brought her children from France and threw her arms around Lorenzo, 19, and Melanie, 22.

"They're my babies. They're my pride and my reason for living, my light, my moon, my stars," Betancourt said, holding their heads close as they planted kisses on her cheeks.

Betancourt emerged with a pallid complexion from years under the forest canopy, but she beamed as she stood arm-in-arm with her children.

"Nirvana, paradise - that must be very similar to what I feel at this moment," said Betancourt, 46. "It's like being born again."

From the New Zealand Herald.

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Di Mackey said...

I couldn't watch this story without getting a wee bit teary. Anyway, time we caught up methinks - I've got dentist Tuesday at 11am but maybe Wednesday?