Sunday, July 20, 2008

Another week that was

You have to love a short week.

Although I had to be up early on Thursday morning, by lunchtime I found myself chilling with friends in Nelson. Any thoughts of a "business as usual" week went out the door immediately - a mere four days later I feel proud to have included more than my fair share of NZ red and white wines amongst the numerous cafes I've visited. Last night Ang and I undertook a yearly tradition of cooking for the Nelson crew; yet again it was deemed a roaring success (i.e no reports of food poisoning yet).
I love spending time with Angela. Unlike some other friendships that started circa 1983, we seemed to have grown together and not apart over the intervening years. Having so much history can provide for more than a few cringey moments; especially when we remember who we were at 16 or 17 years old. In fact it's almost a challenge to outcringe each other with our stories once we get going - especially when alcohol is found near. It helps to have a good memory, although there are many utterances of "I'm sorry - I have no recollection of that" when the stories get a little too close for comfort :)

This post finds me siting in the Wellington air terminal, due in a no small part to a strike by some Air New Zealand crew. At this stage my connecting flight to Auckland is still on, but a potential adventure awaits - and my laptop battery is getting low.

Could be a long day yet !

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