Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Equality Sucks

Well at least he's worth it.

Gone are the days of hairy chests, gold medallions and belly fat. Men these days seem to be on the fast track to agonising over their facial clensing products, abdominal muscles, and body mass index. When Matthew Fox says he's "worth it" I wonder if it's just me that's reaching for an airsickness bag - I hope not.

I assure you; the less metrosexual of us live in fear of the day we all must stand in line for the back, sack, and crack wax; lest we fail in attacting the fairer sex. It seems obvious we havent learnt anything from our bra burning, armpit haired sisters. Men, through their complacency, have created a society where absolute beauty rules - for either sex.

Its getting worse though; emails by the hundreds in my mailbox. Selling little blue pills and enlarger pumps to ensure you can succeed where you would otherwise surely fail to impress. In a twisted turn of fate, it is now men who get assaulted by billboards "in plain sight" saying they can improve your sexual performance with a nasal delivery system - the mind boggles.

Perhaps it's just easier being single ? :)


Jay said...

Being single requires the most upkeep. Married people can afford to let it slide!

Mark J said...

You're so right Jay.
Perhaps the only way to win - is not to play the game?

ren.kat said...

I am still trying to get this.
It is so damned insulting really.
Gorgeous stars are "worth" expensive beauty products that they apparently need to stay beautiful.

What does that mean I am worth? I've used those products. Are the products just so stuck up that they decide not to work for me?

Mark J said...

The great thing about the internet, is that people interact with others, not knowing what they look like; or perhaps more importantly, what beauty products they use. Long may that continue :)