Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A two quarter life crisis

I've been writing a note in my head most days since.
I'm trying to get it down right; it's not something you can re-do when (or if) it goes wrong.
I often have revelations when I wake in the early hours; the sound of my humidifier dripping water in its tray lifting my consciousness. Still, you're reluctant to write anything down: a fear of the nonsensical and saccharine meeting the cold light of day and its reality.

When Meg Ryan romantic comedies no longer cut the mustard you wonder if ;
a) the last vestige of romanticism left has evaporated from your psyche,
b) you've just grown up somewhat or
c) you're just too old for this shit.

Regardless, it will be written, and it will be done.

The most important things to leave; no doubt, two clear possible outcomes, and pleasant memories for the salad days.

P.S. Everything is fine :)

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