Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A better ending

The letter I was writing a couple of posts back was nearing completion when a text arrived.
The message I couldn't see myself delivering as an email, was better explained in person; engineered by fate, tinged with a little sadness.
The positive thing; this meeting with destiny, regardless of outcome, was the best way to end a chapter in the book of our lives.

Sorry to be so cryptic, but I cant be more specific without permission :)


Anonymous said...

relinquish the reality of constant dreams
so that I may live the transcended world
i'm bound by fantasies and schemes
and cannot break free from wants

my house be a gingerbread body
amd my home be a far-away sea
i'm lost in a garden of lilacs and thorns
as i'm wrapped in the shrouds of mystery

come dream with me in melting castles
and we may discover the wonders of man
but remember to never hold me or keep me
for i be the air and you be the sand

by Janet W. Shaughnessy
as found in the intro to a book of poems by Zaikine

Your photos and mysterious words made me think of this, my second favorite poem

Mark J said...


Speechless :)

Jay said...

Well in that case, I guess I'm happyish for you, and I hope you're well, and I'm sending a hug.

Mark J said...

I'm actually in a great place at the moment - but it's nice to get the hug all the same - Thanks Jay :)