Thursday, April 23, 2009

New drug blues

Our office email is down; actually for two days now...

Except mine - mine works. Fate's fickle finger allows some of us at work to communicate - knowing who you can communicate with however, is a question best not pondered.

In the meantime I send emails with some trepidation. I must admit a certain thrill - living in a world where your thoughts and instructions may never meet their destination. Like some Pony Express rider being taken out by a bullet as he rides between stops, I wonder; will the mail get through?

That aside, the worst thing is the lack of incoming mail. I've never been so bored, so lacking in the daily distraction: I've been so focused it's killing me.
Tasks that would have spanned days can now be addressed in hours. Uninterrupted I am slowly going mad - it's like working on a construction line that has no end....

When I walked out of the office on my way to lunch, I started humming that old crappy song "I Wanna New drug" by Huey Lewis and the News. Hours later I realized I should really think about taking up nicotine patches.

I've never been a smoker. I hate the thought of drawing smoke into my insanely pink lungs, but nicotine patches - well they cant be carcinogenic - right?
Those smokers - they walk away from their desks all the time - sometimes in pairs even! They get to go outside - they chat and laugh. They really know how to live this "work life".

So tomorrow maybe me and some of the guys will go on the patches. Don't worry, the irony hasn't escaped me entirely; work hands them out to the smokers for free :)

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