Monday, September 11, 2006

The geek in me

Firefly fans unite!
Sign up to try and get a second series of Firefly on the TV.
Do it here, and I conjure you'll never regret it.
"You just can just take the book of my life and jump in at the middle"
Say's a lot about me - as does this post. :)

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ig said...

Today is the day the music died, my Ipod is dead, one month and three days after the warranty ended. 20 gigs of stolen music from the interweb, stuck in its crippled little hard drive. I loved my little Ipod and now I don't know how I will go on.
After a fair amount of time spent trying to get the Apple people to fix my Ipod, I finally worked out...They don't seem to care....I was offered a discount on my next Ipod, I thought about this and FUCK YOU APPLE and I went and purchased a Sony NW E005 mp3 player.
I love my new sony....This has nothing at all to do with anything Mark has talked about on his blogg, I just needed to have a bit of a rant.

rant over IG