Saturday, April 09, 2011

Greater Expectations - the Omelette Experience

It's horrid to expect more from life; especially when we should know better. There are many certainties in life; if you hold your hand on a hot stove element you will always burn yourself. But people seldom follow the same laws of physics when it comes to emotion.

I keep looking for something or someone to change my mind. I'm open to change - open to being surprised - just not in a birthday kind of way.

I also realize that this is entirely my own fault. I understand that every now and and again you will get chicken instead of cheese in your omelette (true story). The truth is you may not like the omelette, but it is what it is.

You pick at the omelet and try to pull out the chicken, but you realize that it's not entirely possible to remove the two from each other. You almost decide to give up and eat the paltry excuse for a meal, when you understand you just cant bring yourself to.

From a distance your plate looks like a war zone, and you're still hungry.

You go to McDonald for a Fillet 'O' Fish, and although that will do at a pinch, you're always looking for something to satisfy the deeper hunger inside.

But it will never be chicken.


Deadlyjelly said...

Honey, your expectations are WAY too low.

If you ask for a cheese omelette, it's not too much to expect a cheese omelette. If you get a chicken omelette instead, you should chant, "CHEESE! CHEESE! I SAID CHEESE!" while beating time with your fist against the table until they replace the offensive omelette.

NEVER try to pick out the chicken. Therein lies futility and possibly madness.


Anonymous said...

I haven't had a Fillet of fish for years. That is all.

Mark J said...

@DeadlyJelly If i was to raise my hands to chant something, knowing full well my wish would be realized, I wouldnt be chanting CHEESE. Just saying :)

@anonymous. Sounds fishy - I simply dont believe you ! :)

Cian said...

What - people going to McDonalds for a Fillet 'O' Fish? Surely that is only in your imagination.

I know I have not darkened their doors in gazillions of years, but I have never seen or heard of anybody, human or otherwise, order one of those. To be honest I don't think they exist. And if they do, I doubt they have fish in them.

Also regarding getting chicken instead of cheese in your omelette; well why did you put the chicken in their in the first place? If you put in cheese there would be no complaint.

Mark J said...

I hate to be the bearer of bad news - but unlike Santa Clause there is a McDonald's.

I ordered the omelette (with cheese) and it came with chicken :)

Jacie said...

how bizarre that you and I were both thinking omelettes at the same time! ... oh and if I ever go to MacDonalds I only ever have the Fillet o fish

Mark J said...

@Jacie - I just cant bring myself to eat any of their beef type burgers. There is however something in the fillet o fish that makes me crave it fortnightly.
While there may be yet hope for you, my fate is sealed :)

Cian said...

My word - I stand corrected. Next thing I'll know they actually sell Salads in there too :-)

My word verification is dietambr. I think it is trying to tell me something - thankfully I am not called Amber, so I'm just going to ignore it.