Monday, April 04, 2011

A life more Appl-ee

I remember building my first real computer. Anything before was simply an imitation; something I got up early, and cycled to school for in the middle of winter.

I had a black and white monitor, a basic case with no sound card; yet financially I was tapped out. Weeks later I'd unwrap a new card from its static proof enclosure, waiting for the dulcet tones of Windows 95.

I loved to play, explore..inadvertently, eventually destroying : no longer me.


I want it to run out of the box -
I have no need to make it unique.
I've seen it in all its iterations,
I just want it to work.
I want it to be secure.

I don't want the possible thrill of a virus; I no longer care that I run everything through iTunes. Now It's there for me through it all; like a constant companion, ever reliable.

It's just that I saw a friends son in the weekend - he showed me his Android phone, and scoffed at my notion of an iPad. I saw in him a return to the days of my first PC. Poles, and a lifetime apart we smiled and went our separate ways.

Later still, I saw that all this was simply a conversation about different life choices, and thought it odd that we may have been speaking entirely different languages at the same time. :)

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