Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Where I am today.

I've been struggling with the concept of friendships lately.
From those I've known since my school days, later through my early years at work, and onto those I'm yet to make, friends have become the foundation that I build myself upon.

Lately I've found I want to know more people who inspire, and help me grow.
Not that I'm desperate, but I can only hope they'll see something special in me as well.
And if that makes me try a little harder to be a better person, so be it.


Cian said...

I swear to God every time I see this picture I think that those girls are up to something else. But thankfully the woman sitting on the table has her right leg on the other woman's right shoulder, and not her left.

Mark J said...

Ah kindred spirit; I too see lesbians everywhere :)

Deadlyjelly said...

First comment: I like you and consider you a friend, but I don't see why you shouldn't try a LOT harder to be a better person. Come on, absolutely100percent.

Second: perhaps you would make friends easier if you didn't see lesbians everywhere. Just a suggestion.

PS FYI I'm not a lesbian. In case you were wondering

PPS Except for the incident in the Turkish Bath in Istanbul

Mark J said...

Being a vegetarian is one step from Lesbianism - right?

Mark J said...

Also - although I feel we are now fast friends, I know initially I was just someone elses brother you were duty bound to visit when you happened upon Auckland :)

Had I met you as a part of my own circle of influence - now THAT would be a story to tell the grandchildren! x