Saturday, November 20, 2010

Respect and Admiration

Respect and admiration aren't given away.
Respect is earned over time; can never be demanded or sought.
There is no clear cut way to either outcome; it can come from adversity or love.
It can come from anywhere and nowhere at the same time.

You cant just give it away on a whim: you have to be sure.
Like the love of your life, it's hard to give back when it's gone,
But through it all it shouldn't be retained for past deeds,
Because respect and admiration are both retained through consistency.

There are no awards, often there can be no words.
They are but silent reminders of the best we can be,
And who we might become, if we try.


Cian said...

For me, with everybody I start with 100% respect* and 0% admiration. I can only grow the admiration that I have for someone and then they can cause me to lose the respect that I have for them.

I sometimes hear the phrase - "I have lost respect for you". Personally I don't adhere to that. For me it should be "You have lost the respect I had for you".

* - Obviously Respect for Snotty Kids (Little Shits) starts at 0% and never gets any greater.

Deadlyjelly said...

"Respect is earned over time; can never be demanded or sought."

Well. Not according to Aretha Franklin.


Mark J said...

Cian - it's lovely that you give everybody the benefit of the doubt from day one, but I'm so less trusting - perhaps I shouldnt be so lazy.

DreadfulJelly - I'm so socking it to you right now. x