Wednesday, August 11, 2010

She will have her way

There's genius here - I can sense it, yet it remains just out of my grasp.

She's the life I've been frightened of
Seems like deathly silence and especially the dark
Feels like I am heavy and my spirit has died
She will have her way
Somehow I will still believe her
She will have her way
One day I will come back


Cian said...

Haven't listed to Mr. Finn in a while as he was boxed up for a few years. But after a couple of listens over the weekend he survived the cut.

Never seen that video before and it was great!

I'm thinking "She will have her way" as she can change direction when she wants.

Mark J said...

I'd really be interested to hear what made the cut Cian. It's always interesting when you start to throw away the things that don't really matter.