Monday, August 02, 2010

Not a love Story

I saw this quote, and was looking for images of love to accompany it.

Specifically looking for one that didn't evoke the gag reflex, I saw this screen grab from 500 Days of Summer. It looks to me like a shout out to Syd and Nancy, although I don't recall it in the film. I love the role reversal.

Today finds me under the weather - i went home at lunchtime, and slept all afternoon, but not before updating my facebook profile with the following post...

MarkJ found a lonely cow while harvesting his heroin poppies. Looks like steak for dinner kiddies!

I like sick me. :)

They do not love that do not show their love.
The course of true love never did run smooth.
Love is a familiar.
Love is a devil.
There is no evil angel but Love.

William Shakespeare


Mark J said...

I just remembered that Summer thought that in their relationship they had become Sid and Nancy - just that she was Sid.

This scene wasn't in the film - it was something done afterward - maybe a dvd extra?

Mark J said...

They could have at least given him a bra that fitted - just saying!

Cian said...

I just had to rob the facebook comment - That was so perfect. Farmville drives me up the wall. It does not normally update my news page, but sometimes the odd one escapes.

Oh Mafia Wars there is another one...

Mark J said...

How do you get those Farmville updates to disappear?

Cian said...

You may need to do it on the Web - not sure about mobile devices.

In your news feed - put the cursor over one of the inane updates and just to the right of the update a HIDE button should appear. Click it and confirm.

Mark J said...

A million thankyou's Cian :)