Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Just remember its not just about how it ends, but every day it takes to get there.


Cian said...

..and then sometimes things just continue beyond their ending.

Why are we having a Scrubs season 9? Lets face it - Scrubs ended with this montage.

"The Book of Love" again - yay!

Actually I hate the word yay - I hate the word more than any other word in the English Language. I am not sure what I have against it. I do not care if it is wrong, but I am going to go with:

"The Book of Love" again - yea!

Mark J said...

Part of me wishes that Scrubs would go on forever. Scrubs is like a warm blanket in the middle of a snow storm of change. I especially liked the inter-character dynamics, with the truth of it all sitting just below the surface. But mostly I just wanna be picked up and swung around by Turk while yelling at the top of my voice EAGLLLEEEE :)

Life should be that good.... Maybe now I've lost some weight Niamh would accommodate me???

Cian said...

I rather enjoy Scrubs too- but sometimes JD gets on my wick. But I never tire of the other characters. It should be interesting to see how Season 9 goes.

Oh course she will accommodate you. I was going to say it should be a parting gift. But of course it is not a parting... ... so it could just be a random act of kindness instead.

Mark J said...

One can but hope Cian.

Hopefully we will catch up this weekend and I'll broach the subject with her while taking her up on her kind "derriere"* clause. :)

*except on Tuesdays

Deadlyjelly said...

SO DISAPPOINTED you didn't ask.