Sunday, February 21, 2010

Food Thoughts 1

Sometimes thoughts come to me. Like Eddie Vedder says "they arrive like butterflies". For now I wont chase them away; instead I will jot them down here.
My readership may suffer somewhat - but I'm up for it if you are :)

Free Range Eggs

I buy free range eggs at the supermarket, and where possible when I eat out. I'm fortunate that my income allows for the extra expenditure, and although I do it for the health of those free roaming chickens, I also smile when I realize that as a result the battery hens now have to lay less eggs every day.


I seriously wonder if there is such a thing as bacon outside the United States of America. This meat on my plate is nothing but hot ham, wishing to be more, but always coming up short. I think bacon must be most happy when extra extra crispy.

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Cian said...

I am sure that things are better in NZ than in other countries. I believe that for example in the US their government only requires that outdoor access be made available for an undetermined period each day. That could just be five minutes and of course the hen does not actually have to go outside!!!

It is great to see people buying free range where it really is free range. I think that it is great that we are finally getting supermarkets who only stock free range.

My preferred option is organic so that not only are the hens better treated but so is the consumer, as the hens get better food and no hormones & antibiotics. That means when you buy an egg, you actually get an egg!

I'm looking forward to the day where I can have hens in my back yard. Somehow I do not think that they would be happy on our tiny balcony.

Bacon - I'm getting hungry right now.

Mark J said...

Believe me Cian - I always read the fine print. I never trust those "barn eggs" eggs - the ones I buy state they walk around outside and return to little huts when it's time to lay. I'm thinking it's like a mini club-med, but for chickens.

Unfortunately the pigs dont fare as well in this regard :)

Cian said...

Recently at home, we have cooked (or should I correct it and say I had cooked for me) Rose Veal. Thankfully the standards are much higher for Rose Veal production over traditional veal.

Some people are still horrified at this. My answer is - Well for the Dairy Industry they are only interested in female calves. There are three options for the males calves -
1. Export to countries (horrible journey for the calves and debatable conditions afterwards)
2. Death
3. Raised at home in proper conditions.

I know why option I prefer. Compassion in World farming also agree. For people who consume Dairy what do you think happens the male calves in an industry you are supporting?

Okay - I'll shut up and get off my soapbox. Eggs and Bacon from now on.

Mark J said...

Interesting and enlightening post Cian.

You'll have to stop me from all this thinking sometime soon - but just not yet - OK?