Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ahhh - cyber love

I seriously don't know if I should laugh or cry, but for some strange reason this writing style reminds me of Deadly Jelly. :)

Exhibit One: (below) - a comment on gizmodo

I met my wife on the internet. We met, things were great for a bit, and then not so much.

She freaked out and left...Granted she was a cruel heartless bitch that crushed my soul and ripped my still beating heart out of my chest like Mola Ram.

Then 2 years later she came back, apologized for her behavior, (she describes it herself in her own words openly as being a cruel heartless bitch to me) we started dating again, and now we're married.

She isn't above asking me to put my phone away when I start fidgeting during blank spots dining out. She doesn't mind when I start tearing her pinball machine apart to fix some little quirk it has developed. She appreciates me and my geeky tendencies as a gadgetaholic (I inherited this genetically from my other) who works hard to temper his purchasing choices.

I don't like things like Twitter and Facebook because they take real interaction away from you. You trick yourself into believing that you're having a relationship (friendship or whatever) with folk, when really it's barely that.

I believe you can meet, start a relationship, and fall in love via gadgets. I do not believe that you can have a real relationship via gadgets. Eventually you need face-to-face time and love.

And, my love for gadgets carries over into the bedroom. Including the holy grail of sex gadgets for women. (Yes, that one.) But, again, you really can't replace people, and actual human interaction. No matter how much furniture Frucci attempts to hump in the name of journalism (FSM bless him for his shameless pursuit of excellence.) at some point it comes down to face time and attention. Real attention, not that I'm using the laptop, watching tv, and listening to music kind of attention where you're soaking up input passively.

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