Saturday, November 14, 2009


For three weeks my internet has been running at about a 1/4 speed.

The first time they went to to the wrong address, closed the fault off, and said there was no problem.

The second time they said they found the problem - and did nothing about it for two weeks.

The third time my internet service provider sided with the subcontractors and said that the speed was as good as I could expect 5kilometers from the exchange. I tried to explain to them it was 4 times faster 3 weeks ago and my neighbours are all getting 5Meg downloads compared to my 1.4Megs!

I cant believe Vodafone's help-desk fuck-wit in Egypt just told me I was wrong.
I was (and am still) fucking livid.

In the meantime my internet is still woefully slow - all because Telecom/Visionstream cant employ staff that can fix a simple line problem - a problem they know exists, and told me about over a week ago.

Welcome to the new world - where techs are paid peanuts, and don't know or don't care about doing a good job because they don't get paid enough to care.

I am so angry I just want to take the lot of them down. I wonder what the head of Vodafone technology will say when I mention casually i had to move to Orcon because his wholesale subcontractors let me down...

I'll let you know.


Jacie said...

this is so funny. I was going to reply to your comment (which thanks for btw)by saying that one of the reasons I hadn't been posting recently, apart from feeling woefully uninspired and lacklustre, was because my internet was so slow of late that it was driving me up the wall and the frustration of it disconnecting every 5 minutes was infuriating. Unfortunately I couldn't stay connected long enough to even reply. I then got a letter yesterday from the internet company saying that they were pleased that I was using their 'unlimited' package but that I (not me actually but someone I have staying here at the moment) had overstepped their 'fair useage' policy and that they'd decided to cut my connection speed (presumably to nil) until I started behaving myself! Hilarious - I must look up what 'unlimited' means sometime ...

Deadlyjelly said...

The force of your wrath is chilling. I don't think you should hold back. Somebody needs to do something, and you are the shining beacon of hope we need to lead us into a new era. Let me know how the switch to Orcon goes.


Mark J said...

It's not this often I get so wound up.

I did some digging this morning - it now appears that some tosser in VF made the call on closing my ticket without reading the background info. Because of that the ticket never made it to Visionstream again.

I chatted to Visionstream this morning and they 'say" they will fix the cable fault this time.

Heads will roll - fuckers! :)

Cian said...

Mark - in all fairness did you think that it was a good idea having DeadlyJelly use your internet connection a couple of weeks ago? My money is on that being the source of the slow connection. She obviously broke hers and then proceeded to do the same with yours.

But I totally love the line:
"I cant believe Vodafone's help-desk fuck-wit in Egypt just told me I was wrong."

That sums up so much in the world today. Nice to see somebody speaking their mind.

Strange to see you do not have a post on cows.... ...Maybe they ate the cable?

Mark J said...

cian - you're a genius. I couldn't see the forest for the trees. I now have someone to blame for all this.
Shaw - Im on to you - you're a bloody virus ! :)