Friday, November 06, 2009

Missing the second bus.

I know my life is good.
I know I define myself too much by the work I do.
I know I get a lot of positive feedback from that part.


I know I'm lacking balance
I know I shouldn't think as much as I do
Especially about her.

I'm lucky that I'm free to do anything
But the truth is I do very little about that
I get too wound up in the moments
Then realize I miss my friends at the other end of NZ

I love that I can drop by there and feel welcome.
We can grab a beer or wine and watch a classic movie.
Leave conversations midstream for another shore
Bro-mance is a word I guess
I miss that here.

But today is a low day.
Two days from now I will look at this
pause, then maybe delete
wondering what i was thinking

But - not today.

Here they are catching the busses
Everyone is pregnant - or once removed
No one can play - even the husbands
Especially the husbands

And this is my second time around.


ig said...

if "her" is the Apple laptop you sold me, you can visit any time you want,

Mark J said...

I had forgotten about that! :)

Deadlyjelly said...

Sounds like a bad day. Sorry I wasn't there to come around and slag off your DVD collection and let my dog nibble your face. Look forward to catching up next week.


Mark J said...

Was a bad day - but I've let the post lie untouched. Denial can be a bad thing - better to accept and move on.