Saturday, May 31, 2008


I'll never understand why on one hand I'm told I give good advice to others, yet I refuse to follow it myself. Would it kill me to look past the forest and the trees?
This all wouldn't matter so much, if I didnt find myself asking the same questions year after year.
Like, in this video clip, I always seem to ask myself, is this who I want to be?....
In a world where we choose our direction - are our decisions always the right ones for us?

By the way check out the person who created this - she's an amazing artist :)


Niamh said...

Is that movie good? It looks awesome

Mark J said...

The movie - called Stranger than Fiction - is indeed a good watch. I think after you watch it, that you'll agree that a different ending might have been more satisfying tho. Then again this was a point made in the movie itself - and I suppose therefore, that the ending was apt.
Watch the DVD and read this again - it will make sense (hopefully).