Saturday, May 10, 2008


It's hard enough to find that someone special. People believe I'm fussy - When they invariably confront me, I always ask them if they chose second best when they picked their life partner. The answer is always the same, so why should my quest be any different?
While I'm old enough to admit they we may be compatible with more than one person in this world, I'm looking to be with my soulmate, and therin lieth the problem. I wont go there unless theres a faint chance she likes dark chocolate and red wine, along with the intangible stuff of attraction; something that mere words cannot convey.

...and this week (drum roll), she must thinks this ever so slightly humorous.

My sister in law didn't like it - so I guess it passes the litmus test :)


Niamh said...

I consider it over the top hilarious, so there's another litmus test goes up in flames :-D

Mark J said...

No - you see. The test is safe and sound, and has proven itself once again. You sense of humor is in sync with mine - you poor thing !!!

Di Mackey said...

Hmmmm ... rules rules rules, she writes, raising an eyebrow.

Gert and I do so well because we're opposites and his disinterest in red wine = a driver on 'those' nights, dark chocolate = his chocolate is safe.

I wouldn't have gone near a Belgian suit-wearing civil servant with 2 kids and alphabetcised music and book collections however ... I did by accident and by crikey, it's good.

Love the knife holder though.

Mark J said...

I just keep throwing up roadblocks because I "think" i know what I want. Still; a love of dark chocolate, red wine, and a sense of humour isnt exactly a stretch right? :)

Mark J said...

Oh - and by the way - we've already established the raised eyebrow only works for your little sister -lol :)